- Reisbureau Mareado - Chris Dobrowolski
 In 2001 I was one of eleven artists invited to take part in `Reisbureau Mareado'. I have very fond memories of it but it was a time just before the marriage of art to the internet and so there is very little evidence of this project online. This is partly why I have decided to write about it here. (The organisers now work under the name 'Mooi Werk').

It was an art exhibition in a town not far from Rotterdam called Vlaardingen. 'Exhibition' is probably a conservative label for this project. It was really a community arts project, an arts event, urban interaction or just simply an experience all rolled into to one. The 'project' drew together a range of disparate elements under the loose theme of travel. Ultimately it grappled head-on with the difficulties of bringing challenging art into very accessible public arenas with a mixture of eccentric ideas and boundless enthusiasm. The good will of those organising and helping out was infectious.

Image: Arriving in Holland, handing over my passport at the ferry terminal in the pedal car-Landscape Escape. I began by taking the theme of travel quite literally and arrived on my own mode of transport wearing a pith helmet. I was on my way to Vlaardingen where I was displaying the car in my chosen venue. The men in the background are from the Dutch army; this was at the height of a foot and mouth crisis in Britain and they were searching for dairy products to confiscate. I also had to drive the car through a tire disinfectant wash.

photo Eric Van Straaten