- Cheap Cheap - Chris Dobrowolski
 Date-2000. The story of how "Cheap Cheap" was commissioned and where it went are a little complicated. However it is also an interesting window into how art and commerce cross paths. Consequently I have even written it out in my book 'Escape' by way of an introduction to a chapter called "Transaction Transition".

Initially it was meant to be a simple commission for somebody's garden. The project became interesting when I started to question my own motivation and how this related to authenticity. It was difficult to ignore the fact that money was the main motivational force in this piece. Rather than pretend otherwise, I addressed this subject head on and made these bird boxes from copper coins.

When making a bird box it is traditional to make the entrance hole the same size as a two pence coin. This makes the hole just big enough for blue tits to get in but is small enough to keep out the common sparrow.

Having addressed my issues I impressed myself with the concept behind this piece. The commissioner was less impressed and the work was rejected.

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