- Landscape, Seascape, Skyscape, Escape - Chris Dobrowolski
'Landscape, Seascape, Skyscape, Escape' is the title given to a series of vehicle pieces I made over a period of 15 years. These began with a boat made from driftwood I collected on the banks of the river Humber when I was still a student in Hull. 'Seascape Escape' - as it was later called - was built to escape from art college in. This led on to 'Landscape Escape' (pictured left), 'Seascape Escape No.2' , 'Landscape Escape No.2' and finally 'Skyscape Escape'. These are all shown on the following pages.

In 2002 all of the vehicles plus 'Timescape Escape' were transported back to Hull for a retrospective in the Ferrens Art Gallery. An accompanying catalogue was written by Colin Painter. Also 'Wimbledon Space' 2015 '(ArtRabbitt)'.

The maiden voyage of each vehicle inevitably led to interesting experiences that addressed issues to do with creativity, paradox and my 'love-hate' relationship with the art world. Years later these stories have grown into a performance lecture that has been performed in numerous places in the UK and abroad including the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Ironically I am also regularly invited to give this lecture in art colleges.

This body of work features prominently in my book 'Escape'.

Photo:- Nick Manser